If you feel like you are really having to push to sell your products or services, you probably don’t have a brand that pulls people in. We create strong brands in a way that makes sense for small to medium sized businesses. Our Brand Pull Up audit process helps set you on the path to having a more magnetic brand.
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BRAND PULL UP — $1,000


Looky there! That’s a peculiar little creature… and that’s the point. To be a powerful brand, you need to be purposefully and confidently different. 

Positioning, messaging and the entire visual identity all need something to stand on. If you look and sound like your competitors (but with a more slick logo) that ain’t branding, friend. A brand needs vision, a smart purpose and then we need to give it legs. If you are thinking about refreshing, overhauling or building your new brand but are unsure where to begin, the Brand Pull Up audit is a great place to start.
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how do we get this thing rolling?

Our relationship starts with a workbook and 1 hour follow-up meeting to unpack your goals, pain points, and the unique attributes of your business and vision. From there, we will develop an actionable playbook that describes how your brand can start working harder for you. You can implement the steps in-house or hire Sharpe Creative and we will apply the cost of the Brand Pull Up toward the scope of the project.

Let's book a meeting and see if this is a good fit.


what will we get in the brand pull up audit?

  • Specific and objective professional observations about your brand perception and presence and how you can improve it.

  • Competition observations and commonalities so you can stand out, be unique and conquer the competition.

  • We will develop a unique working brand story/positioning statement.

  • Define and describe the brand personality

  • We provide a recommended scope of work with an estimate of a year plan to overhaul and majorly level-up your brand

I want a powerful brand without dealing with an “agency.”


We have a background of award-winning agency success and pro partners who are ex-agency. Agencies have a lot of unneeded fluff, and inefficiencies for the sake of “billing more hours.” We know how to build great brands and keep things as simple as we can for small to medium sized businesses.

What if I just want a logo? Or just want a website?


Sure. We can do one-off projects if that is what makes sense for where you are as a business. But, working through our method in a strategic, purposeful and orderly process will build you a brand. That will do much more for you than any kind of one-off effort will.

What kind of budget could I expect to overhaul or build my brand?


It depends. Overhauling every aspect of your brand or building it from scratch is a lot of work and takes expert involvement. So, it is an investment. We are able to do it in a more efficient way where you will get a lot of insight, deliverables and impact that will last for years. We will estimate and do one-off projects, but this year of partnership to overhaul everything brings more impact. Typically this overhaul costs less than the annual salary of a part-time employee in your business. But, let’s meet and chat about your business.

What will a year commitment get us?


In short, a strategy-driven and creatively unique, purposeful brand presence that aligns to your goals and makes your competition cry. You will have a full, detailed brand guide with visual and messaging elements and usage guidance. You will also be given an organized kit of all final graphic assets, a new website and refreshed presence of key brand touch points like collateral, merchandise, social media presence, etc.

What does a year relationship working with Sharpe Creative look like?


The first 2-3 months we strategically build or refresh your brand positioning and identity through our process. The next 2-3 months we design and build your website (depending on size and complexity). We have found that a new brand and website can go off the rails quickly if mismanaged. So, if you don’t have an in-house designer or marketer, we recommend working with us for the remainder of the year (or longer if desired) to keep the brand perception strong and consistent and create a larger library of visual content that you can later repurpose as you take the brand management over (if you want) after the first year. Think of it as us building you a totally custom bike with training wheels and a users manual. We then show you to ride the bike and maintain it, then we remove the training wheels when you are ready.

What if we want to cancel or not move forward with remaining deliverables?


For example: We have completed your brand identity, but you no longer want to move forward with a custom website for any number of reasons. We bill in phases. There is no commitment beyond the percentage of work in each phase that has been completed. You have freedom to cancel or pause between phases for funding purposes and pick back up with the next phase as scheduling allows.

Who does this make sense for?


Any small to medium product or service business. We have experience with a large variety of B2B and B2C industries. But, you need to have a vision and passion to take your business to a new level ... and be serious about it. It is also a small time investment because we meet and collaborate through the process. The investment will be worth it for those who want to see their small business do bigger and better things in the future.

We’re a start up. We value a powerful brand presence, but we have a strict budget right now.


Perfect! We will probably approach our recommendations a little differently versus how we might for a more established company. We want to be responsible with where you are financially as a start up and get the most bang for the buck. There are ways we can build a strong brand on a budget and then evolve and strengthen it as funds come in. But, a strong brand presence is key for getting attention and being memorable right out of the gate.

I’ve been burnt by creative agencies before.


Join the club. Our methods, processes, partners and the overall way we conduct ourselves is motivated by trying to NOT be all the things we hated so much about working for agencies in the past. Building an awesome brand should be fun and exciting, not painful and stressful.

Featured Branding & Identity Work

“Branding is one of the few true magic arts of the business world. And Andy is a wizard. He knows the alchemy between simple and distinct that can be translated into real commercial outcomes. Anyone who’s considering a new brand strategy should talk to Sharpe Creative."

Nick Richtsmeier​

"Sharpe Creative brings a level of thoughtfulness and attention to detail that goes above and beyond our expectations. Sharpe Creative sets clients up for success in a way we haven't experienced with other service providers."

Justin Shamash

"Andy has really brought a tremendous amount of value to the brand. He has a great ability to understand who we are as a company, but also makes us look past where we currently are toward the future. He has become a real part of our team."

eric soller
Old Scratch Pizza

“Sharpe Creative designed our NavX Realty recruiting website. We were absolutely blown away. The creativity and final product far exceeded our expectations, and at a tremendous value!”

Nav X Realty

“In a few words, Sharpe Creative is talented, witty, fun, dynamic, compassionate, and positive. Sharpe Creative did an amazing job refreshing our company's branding. Andy took exactly what we know our brand is about and brought it to fruition.”

Ripple Junction

"Sharpe Creative has been an invaluable partner as Fifth Street Brewpub has worked to update our brand. Without Sharpe Creative's expertise we likely would not have moved forward, or would have done so with a lesser product."

Fifth Street Brewpub

"Sharpe Creative to developed our website and exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The site itself looks fantastic, but even more importantly they were able to help write a lot of the content and figure out ways to present that technical content."

Andy loff

"We have found Andy to be patient, thoughtful and most importantly a great listener. He asks great questions to help draw out information that helps create a clear picture of the need. His work is impeccable because of his attention to detail."

Acadia LMS

"High five on the Heritage Music Press rebrand. The logo and the concept behind how it was crafted is so cool. The brand guide itself is crafted and art directed so beautifully. Everything is clear and easy to read and understand. Great job!"

heritage music press
Retail Partner

"Sharpe Creative worked with us to develop a brand position and identity that allows us to attract, confidently meet with, and secure deals in the new markets we are targeting. Agency-level creative work at a cost that makes more sense for a smaller, more agile business like ours."


"Andy is a true master of his craft. The outside the box thinking is exactly what we needed to stand out. He presents in a way that allows you to see the intricacies of the process. He delivers the product the customer is looking for. We will absolutely continue working with Andy in the future."

let's take your brand from static to magnetic