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For branding and identity design, our goals are to help you dig deeper into who you are, think about who your audience truly is, and create ways that you can thrive as a brand without blending in.

We don't chase short-lived brand design trends. We want to understand your goals so we can create something that works, holds meaning, and makes you feel confident in the future of your business.
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Our Approach

Whether you work with us to refresh your brand or not, understanding who you are at a deeper level will help you day-to-day in your business. Download the free workbook below and if you do engage us for branding, you will be ahead of the game.
Step 01

Starting the Relationship

We start by meeting. We'll see if we are a good fit and if what services might make the most sense. We'll be honest. If we don't think our "whole shebang" will benefit you right now, we won't push a large scope.
Step 02

Brand Workshopping

You'll have a little "homework." This is critical to developing a brand that does more than look good. Depending on the scope, we will go through a workbook and workshop/interview session(s) to help us and you understand your business on a deeper level.
Step 03

Strategy & Positioning

Based on the workshopping phase and the scope, we will develop a strategy document to make sure we are all on the same page with where the brand should go. We will identify key goals and takeaways, competitors, your unique selling points, a brand narrative, brand archetypes, personality, and positioning.
Step 04

Present Concepts

Based on the strategy, we will present creative concepts that are in-step with the goals we landed on together. These concepts will provide a few on-strategy options to move forward with.
Step 05

Explore & Extend

Once a conceptual direction is selected, we work on developing how it extends and applies. We flesh out all the expressions of the brand.
Step 06

Finalize & Launch

We provide a brand guide that outlines how to use the brand (positioning, messaging, and aesthetics) defining key messaging, fonts, colors, logos, graphic elements, collateral, etc. We provide a packaged brand kit based on the agreed on scope of your needs.

We recommend hiring us for some degree of brand support within the first year of the brand roll out. This will really help boost the momentum and success for the future.

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