the method

Sharpe Creative works with small-medium businesses in three core ways. We bring the most impact to your brand when we are able to work with you through offerings 1, 2, and 3. We strengthen, dust off, refresh, resuscitate or even build your brand from scratch. With a thoughtful brand in place, we can dial in your online presence. Then, ongoing, we can help you keep your brand presence boomin' in the months following rolling it out.
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01Branding & Identity

We help you dig into differentiation and find clarity. We work to tune in how you are positioned, how you sound, look, feel, and most importantly how you are perceived.

02Digital Presence

Once you have clarity on your brand, we help you develop a powerful brand presence for wherever you are in the "digi-verse." Custom designed sites. No square peg in round hole templates.

03Ongoing Support

With a sturdy brand identity in place and an impressive online presence, we can help you produce ongoing, unstoppable, and consistent branded content.

David and GoliathNot an AgencyNot an Agency
*freelancer, studio, firm, guru, or any other 💩 like that.


Working for agencies and studios in the past was formative. The good, the bad, and the ugly of agency life formed what Sharpe Creative is and most importantly, what it will never be. We are intentionally small, nimble, and focused on your brand. Run by award-winning designer/creative, Andy Sharpe, the “we” is a network of like-minded pros and businesses with complementary expertise. The bat signal is fired up and ready to hearken the perfect crew for your brand.
don't call me the a-word

code of conduct

Be Truthful 😇

No snake oil, magic bullets, or fluffy industry buzzwords. Honesty is the best policy. We only sell what we believe is in the best interest of the future of your business.

Be Your Own Flavor🦄

Trying to be another brand is a waste of time. Don't be a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Find your inner Black Raspberry Oreo Chunk, ice cream and own it.

True Stories > Shiny Objects ✨

So many businesses are just chasing shiny objects. Trying to hack the newest algorithm, beat the ever-changing systems, and jump on the latest social media flavor of the week... but they have no clue how to differentiate. If you own who you are, you can be successful regardless of the robot overlords.

Pro People 🤠

“Human capital” and “assets” are garbage ways to refer to people. Brands are the humans that form them. We work with people, not "assets."

If You Win, We Win 🤜💥🤛

We are a small business for small businesses. If we work together, we both have skin in the game. We want nothing more than our work to have an instrumental role in transforming your business.

Don't Work with Turds 💩

We love doing good work for good-hearted, passionate people. Mutual respect can produce great results! Life is too short to partner with turds.

Balance, Always ⚖️

Strategy without creative has no pulse and will get ignored and forgotten. Creative without being strategic is like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Both need to play in the sandbox together.

Money Ain't Everything 🤑

We all have to pay the bills, but we've never really found money to be the core motivator (see previous beliefs). The right partnerships, craft, opportunities, experiences, making, building, creating impact... those are true motivators! Sharpe Creative works to live, not lives to work.

hi, i'm andy sharpe and it's personal.

Don't mind me, I'm just here doing my thing. Plugging away in my basement office (probably sporting a pop-culture themed graphic tee), working with clients from around the country, and building a life/business I can believe in. After over a decade in the creative industry both as a creative and educator, I was ready to use those unique experiences to build something of my own. Armed with a true passion for my craft (and maybe a dash of spite), taking the work, but not myself too seriously, I was ready to take the plunge and I am not looking back. I was quickly able to find the sweet spot I thought didn't exist... a true balance of prioritizing family time while helping passionate businesses succeed. Most small business owners open their "doors" because they are trying to obtain freedom and build a life, not an empire. So, why do we exist? The same reason you do... It's personal.
let's take your brand from static to magnetic