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Applied Sciences in Cedarville, OH was planning on breaking into consumer markets. Specifically, they saw major opportunities in outdoor gear like snowboards, skis, and beyond. Armed with a strategic brand presence, Applied Sciences was able to secure a relationship with Prior snowboards and develop the first nano material snowboard in addition to breaking into many new consumer markets.



Applied Sciences had been truncating their brand name to "ASI." As shown in the Google Images results below... as the Google Image results show, the logo wasn't ownable and they were missing out on their more descriptive version of the name.


The previous identity was dated did not connect with the household-name consumer products in the electronics, automobiles, power tools and outdoor/adventure gear spaces that they were targeting. The goal was to explore and develop a mark that was true to the "Strength in Nanos" tagline we developed and create something that Applied Sciences could own, build a story on and feel confident in. The brand had to remain familiar and trusted to NASA and the US government and military branches (all past and current contracts). Applied Sciences had to own their brand while looking like they belonged in the new spaces they were breaking into.


Applied Sciences offering is impressive, proprietary, unique and game-changing. Seriously, if Tony Stark were a real person, he would be contacting them. Though their product and processes are impressive and globally known, the company itself is small and niche. Their location is hidden in the cornfields of rural Cedarville, OH. The tagline Strength in Nanos plays on the the well-known phrase, "Strength in Numbers." The tagline/messaging proves that their power comes from their proprietary nanomaterials, not their physical size. This is conceptually true of the materials they work with, nanomaterials. The advanced materials are incredibly small, but have other worldly properties.


Hexagons are representative of nanotechnology. Applied Sciences partner side-by-side with companies to research and improve their products from the inside through effective use of nanomaterials. The selected identity concept uses two hexagonal shapes locked together to symbolize this partnership and a strengthening. A metaphorical handshake. The iconic mark also represents the research and honing in on a key solution to improve a specific product.


In addition to the logo mark and messaging, the visual language of the brand had to be effective. The overall visual identity needed to look and feel like a cutting-edge, intelligent, research, and development company. It also needed to feel like it could belong amongst industries like snowboards/outdoor gear and aerospace and automobile alike. With a legacy in aerospace and defense, the red white and blue color scheme was kept but evolved and modernized. The aesthetic was bolder, more confident. Though Applied Sciences is a B2B company, ultimately the brand started to take on more of a consumer (B2C) feel. We explored their look through a technique called "stylescapes." This approach was key in developing a visual to build a brand guide on.


We also helped extend the branding to Applied Science's core, patented product, Pyrograf. In addition, Applied Sciences has a proprietary way of developing the blackest black, absorbing nearly all light. We helped name and brand this product as part of the Applied Sciences and Pyrograf family. This designed system also extended to an icon system to represent markets and advantages.


Ultimately, the brand and marketing efforts helped Applied Sciences do what they set out to do. Break into the outdoor gear and specifically ski/snowboard industry by working with Prior to produce the first nanomaterial-based snowboard. Since launching the first aerospace-level snowboard, Applied Sciences has also broken into other consumer markets using the brand refresh.

"Applied Sciences was ready to break into new markets. But, our brand was not in a place to attract or relate to the top consumer brands we wanted to help with our patented nanomaterials. Sharpe Creative worked with us to develop a brand position and identity that allows us to attract, confidently meet with, and secure deals in the new markets we are targeting. Sharpe Creative has been our creative partner in the process and has been able to deliver agency-level creative work at a cost that makes more sense for a smaller, more agile business like ours."

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