Mulder Fleet Services

Mulder Fleet Services is unique in that they offer a wider breadth of fleet services in one location than its competitors. Sharpe Creative developed brand messaging and positioning to capture this idea. The identity leans on the visual language of quick stops, green lights, exit ramps, etc. Truckers want to get back on the road as seamlessly as possible when they have an issue or maintenance need. Potential Mulder employees want a professional place to grow their skills through their academy. The brand has a masculine feel and conveys ease, and simplicity while coming across as strong and confident to resonate with customers and potential employees alike.



After developing the positioning of a "one-stop fleet shop," three conceptual options were developed to communicate this idea. Below are the unselected concepts. The ideas of "one-stop shop" and "speed and ease" come across in the visual applications.

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Mulder Fleet Services decided to move forward with the concept below. This direction uses a color palette that feels familiar to highway asphalt and exit ramp signage. The logo mark itself resembles an exit ramp or "stop" on a route. It is a monogram "M" with an abstract "F" and "S" hidden in (MFS = Mulder Fleet Services). Because of the iconic symbol and consistent typography, there are several logo variants that can be used while retaining consistency and recognition and increasing usability.


Once a direction was selected, we developed stylescapes to explore the overall visual language of how the brand could extend. Icon styling, photo treatments, support graphics, textures, patterns, and support graphics were all developed in this phase. The stylescapes provided a strong foundation to build the brand guide.

"Andy is a true master of his craft. The outside-the-box thinking is exactly what we needed to stand out. He presents in a way that allows you to see the intricacies of the process. He delivers the product the customer is looking for. We will absolutely continue working with Andy in the future."

Alex Fleming
Mulder Fleet Services

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