National Concrete

National Concrete Coatings was a relatively new business with ambitions of growth and expansion in a few states. Their brand identity was originally built DYI and was a barrier to their goals. The concrete company wanted to honor the patriotic tone of the name. We developed messaging around "Pride in your home and pride in the work." This messaging created a parallel between the values of the company with a nod to patriotism.



In our ideation phase, we explored a range of "patriotic" stylistic approaches. One (and ultimately selected) concept leaned heavier on the red, white, and blue palette. Others explored a more subtle nod to the "National" name. The first unselected concept uses a strong, confident badge with stars and sturdy typography. The second uses a chiseled eagle head (a symbol of pride and America). This eagle rises from the bottom of the "N" in the negative space. Pride coming from your new concrete flooring. All ideas had a lot of potential.


The selected logo concept resembles a floor area in isometric perspective split into two halves. The two tones communicate "before and after" and the swoop in the middle forms an "N" and resembles the flow of concrete or epoxy is applied. Because of the color and flow of the lines, the icon also feels reminiscent of a waving flag.

With the simplicity and recognizable nature of the mark, more traditional expressions of the logo were created as well as an emblem and badge. These variations give National Concrete Coatings flexibility when applying the brand. 


We developed the look and feel for the brand using stylescapes. This method allowed us to explore all the various ways color, pattern, texture, typography, etc. can be applied and how they all work together as a design system. The shape of the logo can be used as a flooring swatch in tandem with photographed moments of people enjoying the spaces/flooring.

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