One Starfish Foundation

One Starfish Foundation works to regenerate lives impacted by mental illness, homelessness, and incarceration. When they came to Sharpe Creative as a startup, they were already boots on the ground doing the work. But, they needed a strong presence to help attract donations and volunteers. They also work with large corporations to help employ rehabilitated individuals. We were excited to help such a worthwhile organization get more visibility.



The main audience for the brand is potential partnering corporations. The name of the organization was based on the well-known starfish poem that beautifully illustrates making an impact in small ways, one person (or in the poem's case, starfish) at a time. The brand concepts captured this idea and feel at home in front of decision-makers in a corporate board room.

We explored visual motifs like ripple effects, small efforts making large impacts, regeneration (starfish can regrow/regenerate body parts).


The selected direction used a slightly abstracted interpretation of a starfish that made the starfish slightly feel more like a human silhouette. Visualizing the analogy of the starfish poem. The mark lended itself to patterns to illustrate the ideas of a ripple effect, influence and impacting one life at a time.


The One Starfish Foundation board is run by experienced corporate professionals who felt called to start a foundation to start a ripple effect. In addition to a brand identity, we equipped One Starfish Foundation with presentation and business collateral in addition to designing and building a website they could use for content marketing, info hub, and sourcing needs.

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