n🚫t an agency. we're a brand-minded extension of your team.

Smaller businesses are passionate, nimble, simple, and frankly more fun to work with than large corporations. We operate more like a tag-team partner that can build a focused, efficient, remote team for your project. We get in the ring with you to help develop a knockout brand presence.

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Don't be static, be magnetic. Sales is a pushing action, but brand is a pull. We tag-team with you to develop a magnetic brand that not only tells your unique story but also gives you a newfound boldness, confidence and excitement in your business. Don't get lost in the shadows of giants. Build a brand worthy of conquering them.

keep talkin' fella

we partner with small-medium businesses in three core ways.

We are most effective when we can form relationships. We can refresh or create your brand, build you a website, and then monthly help you roll out, market and evolve your brand consistently!


Branding & Identity

We help businesses develop, revamp, refresh or overhaul how they present themselves to the world. We uncover your unique attributes and find the best way to truthfully tell it to the world.

Digital Brand

A website is often the primary expression of your brand. Either in the form of a website, digital product/app or social media, we help brands tell their story better and get more customers online.

Brand Support

We offer ongoing packages of creative brand support. We help you keep consistency, maintain impact, and evolve your brand as you roll out marketing efforts.

specific services

Branding & Positioning
We work with you to develop clarity and understanding. You have to dig in and really get a sense of who you are, and why you are. If you don't know why you are the choice over competitors, why should your customers?
Logos & Identity Systems
Logos should be iconic, ownable, recognizable, hold meaning, and act as a symbolic representation of your business. Beyond a logo, your brand needs to have a defined visual system. We can develop that visual system and create a guide and kit to help you keep consistency and build on a strong foundation.
Web Design & User Experience
Your brand needs to be strong in the digital world. We design and build websites that tell stories and convert visitors to leads and leads to customers. We go through a custom, user experience process to make sure your new website will perform. We also don't have to build your site. We also offer design and user experience consulting if you have an in-house development team.
Graphic Design & Illustration
Merch, packaging, print collateral, ads, murals, etc. How does your brand present itself in the physical and digital world? Illustration is not "drawing" but words made visual. We can tell your story and extend your brand to many mediums.
Naming & Messaging
How you verbalize your brand is important. We can help name a start-up, product, event, etc. We can also create creative messaging that speaks to your audience with an authentic voice.
Campaign & Social Media
We concept and develop brand awareness and lead generation campaigns.
Content Creation
We develop written, photographic, video or animated content to fit your brand.
Art Direction & Creative Consulting
We work with teams that have in-house designers and creatives. We can bring a new, outside perspective or work with your team to concept and execute ideas.
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a proudly small and remote, creative studio.

Keepin’ the overhead low and quality high. We support clients as an experienced network of contracted talent. We can assemble a team to fit your brand’s tailored to your budget. If we can keep things small, simple, and not overly complex, we can offer results-driven, award-winning, work that makes sense for small to medium size businesses. Let’s meet and talk about full capabilities.

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What do we stand for?
Be small, brave and bold.
(but most importantly make impact)
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What do we stand for?
Be small, brave and bold.
(but most importantly make impact)
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core beliefs

Small brands have heart, soul, and spunk. Often, they don’t stand up and show the world what makes them special. Our purpose is to partner with small-medium businesses, expose their authentic awesomeness and make sure they are remembered.

Be true.

No snake oil, magic bullets, or fluffy buzzwords. Honesty is the best policy. We only sell what we believe is in the best interest of your business. 😇

Be you.

Trying to be another brand is a waste of time. Find your inner unicorn and own it. 🦄

Pro people.

“Human capital” and “assets” are garbage ways to refer to people. Brands are the humans that make them. We work with people, not "assets." 🤠

You win, we win.

We are a small business for small businesses. If we work together, we both have skin in the game. 🤜💥🤛

Do Good work for good people.

We love working and collaborating with passionate and good-hearted people. Mutual respect can produce great results! Life is too short to partner with turds. 💩

Balance, always.

Strategy without creative has no pulse and gets ignored. Creative without strategy is like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Both are equally vital. ⚖️

Money ain't everything.

We all have to pay the bills and setup our futures, but we've never really found money to be the core motivator (see previous six beliefs). People, opportunities, experiences, making, building, creating... those are motivators! 🤑

Hi, I'm andy sharpe and it's personal.

After over a decade of successes in the creative industry both as a creator and educator, I saw patterns of being "the go-to guy with the full plate." That overflowing plate was leaving little space for what matters. Most small business owners open their "doors" because they are trying to create freedom and to build a life, not an empire. So, why do we exist? Same reason you do... It's personal.

LET'S meet
Images of Andy Sharpe
Images of Andy Sharpe
Images of Andy Sharpe

Rap Sheet

1. National Silver ADDY - Fifth Street Brewpub Rebrand
2. District Gold ADDY - Fifth Street Brewpub Rebrand
3. Regional Gold Hermes Awards - Fifth Street Brewpub Rebrand
4. 2019 Educator of the Year Mercury Award
5. 2019 and 2020 Co-Advisor for District 1st and 2nd place NSAC (National Student Advertising Competition teams)
6. 2020 Featured in Logo Lounge Book 12
7. 2019 Featured in Logo Lounge Book 11
8. Various Gold, Silver and Bronze Regional and District ADDY Awards (on behalf of ad agencies)

Let's tag team! Book a meeting below. Find an open slot that works best for you and we will have ourselves a no-pressure discovery meeting (aka... simply a get to know you, your business and your goals sesh).