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Your website is likely the most prevalent and important expression of your brand. You shouldn't sacrifice user experience for a compelling brand presence and you shouldn't water down your brand's personality in the name of user experience. Both can and should co-exist.

We don't like to fit the square peg in the round hole of forcing your content into a pre-made template. We design and build custom websites that are tailored to your brand and customer's needs.
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website process

The best way to get the ball rolling for a new website is to give us a little background info. Fill out the audit link below and we will reach out with next steps to get a website conversation started.
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Step 01

Do you need a website, brand refresh or both?

Hopefully if you engage Sharpe Creative for website design, your brand is already in a strong place or we have had a hand in refreshing or developing it. In our first meeting, we learn about your high level goals for a new website. We want to make sure investing in a website won't fall flat due to a weak brand presence.
Step 02

Content Strategy

We work together to plan the page architecture and outline the content strategy of the site. Depending on the needs and budget, we can refresh/reframe existing content, guide and work with a client to produce their own written content or preferably bring a writer in on the project.
Step 03

Wireframe Blueprint

Wireframes are the blueprint of your site. To compare it to a house, they plan the structure, rooms, plumbing, electric, etc. No visual style applied in this step, but clickable wireframes help everyone get on the same page about the content, structure, functionality and user experience of the site before we worry about aesthetics.
Step 04

Exploring Style

In tandem with an approved wireframe, we develop style tiles. These are snapshots of stylistic approaches we could apply to the site based on the brand identity. Sticking with the house analogy, this is selecting the paint, furniture, and fixtures.
Step 05

Designed Prototype

We design all primary page templates on desktop and mobile views and create a clickable prototype. This prototype allows for real-time collaboration and feedback and paints a clear picture of what the final website will be.
Step 06


Final development costs always depend on the complexity of the website we come up with together through the above process. We will be transparent if added features will likely add to the development costs. We can start with a rough range of development costs. Once we approve a final design, we will firm the costs for development and build the site on the desired platform.

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